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Emails from week 11-17 thru 11-23, 2008

Brian D (Lemont): Are you going downstate? If so, who's your favorite to win in each Class?
ASNN: Brian, I plan on going downstate… I sent off for my credentials. I plan on tracking you all down, Lemont High School for the most part. In the other classes, I would have to say

Class 4A: Aurora Christian
Class 5A: St Francis
Class 6A: Lemont
Class 7A: East St Louis
Class 8A: Maine South

DeVon (Chicago): I've followed you most of the season… good website… but I'm curious, why don't you select a Chicagoland all-team similar to others?
ASNN: You know that's a good idea… let me see if I can catch up with some of my other reporters / writers and see if I can pull something off this week. I'll let you know either way. Thanks for the idea!!!

James (Frankfort): What do you think about BCS situation?
ASNN: Personally, the BCS is a joke… first and foremost, name another sport that allows outsiders to cast an anonymous vote to select who plays for the championship? Secondly, conferences like the Big Ten are done right now… Pac-10 are done right now… so anyone who will play on January 1 (or later) will not play for over 5 1/2 weeks. WOW!!!! Then those conferences that have conference championships like SEC, what if Alabama loses… they will NO longer be number 1… Simply Amazing… You'll hear more about this from me in the coming weeks as well as I invite you to listen in to my other show - In Da Kennel on Tuesday evenings @ 730pm EST. You can check out this show by visiting my web site AmateurSports365.com then click the Podcast icon.

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