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Are dogs more superior than humans?

MATTESON - Let me get this question out right now…. are dogs more superior than humans? Can someone please answer this for me… I am a dog lover, being the proud provider of a Schnoodle, whose name is Simba. He has become a big part of our every day life, and we will do just about anything for him. I also have an 11 year old daughter, who needless to say, I truly have a special place in my heart for, and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her… Now, with that said, if I’m put in a position to provide for one of them, do I have to spell out who will receive?

Be honest with yourselves and step off of the high and mighty marble soapbox for a moment (watch your step)… what is the maximum value of a dog? In the end, its companionship… true companionship to the fullest… which then brings about other great attributes, such as loyalty, trust, security, etc… Trust me, I get a-l-l of that… but…

Now, I do not condone violence against animals nor humans, but this public outcry against Mike Vick is disgraceful! The man is serving out a sentence, in which, our elected judicial system representatives thought was necessary and appropriate for his actions – cause ‘n effect. And at the end of his sentence, he is not allowed to become a product of society, or is it, he is not allowed to be a product of certain society?

Vick’s real issue is gambling not animal abuse… People hunt for the thrill of killing an animal not for food for game… and they get to hang their heads on their walls as trophies… not to mention, society applauds this… the four-letter sports television empire, in fact, carries several contest on this very subject, but we have a problem with dogs?!?!? Believe it or not, life exists beyond the subjective views of a few people, who think they can pick and choose which animals have the right to be discriminated against. These same animals that are hunted for game and for show have the same souls and feelings as these dogs do. Imagine being in your environment planting flowers on your land, and just enjoying the day, all of a sudden someone starts shooting at you… for some, it’s not to hard, it called inner-city life; for others, it’s called slavery, but I digress…

There are pages and pages of blogs running right now with people saying very mean and in some case racist things on this subject… I grabbed a couple to highlight the hatred running ramped on this subject:

“Vick doesn’t deserve to see the light of day again… he should be left in prison with all his other bro’s….. Rot in hell Vick and when you die I hope they feed your remains to the dogs…. He doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as I do…”

“He should stay in jail and be banned from any job that offers him the chance to be a public figure and a role model.”

“Vick is a piece of crap and if he died tomorrow the world would be a better place.”

Also in this blog, an attorney wrote just the other day I had a case come across my desk of a man that throw a 6 month old dog out of a moving car because he was upset with his girlfriend who the puppy belong to, oh and did I mention he also slapped her around too. Now let me tell you what happen to him. He had to go to some anger management classes, he got $1500 in fines, and 6 months probation. Now Vick he didn’t actually fight the dogs, he was convicted of bankrolling an interstate dog fighting business - HE Financed IT!!!!!

Now after reading those excerpts, ask yourself, if this was your son, would you feel the same way? Would you throw him under the bus too? And of course, do you think this conversation would be taking place if Vick was not in the public’s eye? Take a look at this list of raids that have recently occurred… have you heard of these people? Do you even care since they don’t live next door to you?






Let’s not forget greyhound racing (or dog racing), we know what happens to those dogs when they lose a race or god forbid what happens to race horses after they break a leg racing to win money for rich people they are "EUTHANIZED". If Marv Albert can get away with raping and biting a woman on her back leaving teeth marks, get no jail time and get his job back on TNT, why shouldn't Mike Vick get his job back? I didn’t hear of any women’s group protest TNT?

I wish these same people, who are locked and loaded ready to protest on the very day he leaves prison, would use some of that energy for societal issues like the war on drugs, education, taxes, teen pregnancies, etc… do you know how productive our society would be? Let’s stop majoring in minors’ folks and get a grip on the BIG picture. In this big picture, Vick didn’t commit a crime against humanity, unless dogs are considered humans. In fact, there are countries where Vick’s actions would not even be frown-upon. Now I’m certain some smart-ass is going to say, ‘he should move there!’ But why? Do you feel the same way of criminals that rape our babies? Gang members that kill our youth? What about the Wall Street giant who steals millions and millions of dollars from people? What about the elected government officials who said one thing and done another with your money? What about people who commit adultery? Sin is sin right?

In America, for whatever reason, we have these senses of entitlements, in which we love to build a person up… make them darn near invincible, but as soon as they make the slightest mistake, we are ready-set-go to crucify them… now that’s as American as apple pie! Build and break ‘em…

Again, I’m not a fan of violence PERIOD – rather its against animals or humans… but where do we draw the line…

I always find it very interesting how people get all self-righteousness and take a stand for saving the lives of dogs, but what about your neighbor – do you even know their names? What about that homeless Vietnam veteran that you avoid walking down the street? Again I ask, are dogs more superior to humans? And just for conversation purposes, visit this site and enter your address in and see who is living near you and your kids. Then ask yourself, do you forgive them?

In conclusion, do you believe in God, or a higher being? If so, GOD forgives - why cant we?  For Bible clearly says that all have sinned and fallen short. That's not just the famous or the not so famous; all of us have done things that we should have been punished a lot more severely than we have. Believe it or not, people do learn from their mistakes, especially if given a chance.

But if we can not take down the wall we have created on a persons’ short comings, I suggest one thing: never spit in the wind!

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