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NFL Conduct Violation Suspensions

by Prez Ro
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NFL - There have been 16 players suspended under the personal conduct policy by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell since he took office in 2006. Here are the players so far...


Rocky Bernard (assault, 1 game)
  Michael Boley (domestic abuse, 1 game)
  Fred Evans (fight with police, 2 games)
  Chris Henry (various arrests, 8 games)
  Larry Johnson (simple assault, 1 game)
  Tank Johnson (2-month jail term, 8 games)
  Pacman Jones (various arrests, 16 games, 6 games)
  Marshawn Lynch (weapons violation, 3 games)
  Ricky Manning (felony assault, 1 game)
  Brandon Marshall (various, including assaulting girlfriend, 1 game)
  Bryant McKinnie (street fight, 4 games)
  Rob Reynolds (domestic disturbance, 16 games)
  Fabian Washington (domestic violence, 1 game)
  Michael Vick (dogfighting, 2 games)
  Donte' Stallworth (DUI-vehicular homicide, 16 games)
  Ben Roethlisberger (misconduct-no charges/arrests, 6 games)

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