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2010 Will-Cook-Kankakee Superbowl

by Prez Ro
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BROTHER RICE - What a wonderful day for a football game!!! Will-Cook-Kankakee football association picked not only a first-class location, Brother Rich High School, but also one of the best days to play. In years past, the league always had to fight the elements. For example, last year, it was very cold and snow flakes began falling during the games. But nonetheless, Madea Nature provided all teams with bright sunshine, slight breeze and wonderful day for football. And not just any football, today was the game everyone has been waiting on... working towards since July - the SUPERBOWL - Will-Cook-Kankakee style.

In the first game (widget) was between Chicago (8-0) and Richton Park (6-2). Coming into the game the Cardinals were not only undefeated but their offense was explosive acquiring the most points in the entire league.

And on their first possession they got the ball in  the endzone on a fourth and ten 33 yard run by Tyian Miller at the 2:06 mark in the first quarter. The Cards were not done... they scored three more times on the afternoon on the ground (Jonathan Bryant), in the air (Bryant to Isante Becton) and again on the ground with a quarterback keeper (Mr. Bryant).

"The kids worked hard and show their true character," coach Francis shared with us after the game. "I'm so proud of each and everyone of them and we are going to celebrate our victory."
FINAL SCORE: 25-0 Cardinals

Up next was the PeeWee contest between Eastside Bulldogs (8-0)  and the Richton Park Raiders (3-5). This game played out as an old fashion football game where neither team gave up much ground nor position once they settled down.

The Bulldogs got on the board first real quick with a kickoff return for 72 yards to start the game (7-0). On the other side of the ball, the Raiders answered with a power run by Joseph Peters who exploded up the middle for 57 yard touchdown (7-6). The Raiders scored again setup by a 56 yard run by Mr. Peters, who was tackled down at the four yard line. Two plays later, he was rewarded with his second score in the game (7-12). Is this five point lead enough to seal the deal? In the second half, the Bulldogs controlled the ball down the field until they were able to score on a short run and the lead (13-12).  The Raiders had one more opportunity late in the fourth quarter and were inching the ball down the field, but they were stopped on a 4th down play with 1:13 left.

So the answer to our above question is no... This five point lead proved not enough to seal the victory for the Raiders.
FINAL SCORE: 13-12 Bulldogs

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The third contest on the day (junior varsity) put the undefeated Country Club Cougars (8-0) in front of the Chicago Cardinals (4-4). The Cougars came into the Superbowl with an explosive offense, but on the other side of the ball, their defense is pretty stingy. In fact, they only gave up 25 points all season (or 3.125 a game).

The Cougars opened the game with a 30 yard bomb but two plays later the Cardinals intercepted a pass. The Cards were not able to capitalize on this turnover.

With 44.2 left in the first quarter, the Cougars were able to get the ball into the endzone on a short run up the middle (6-0).

The Cougars three more times before the Cardinals got on the board. Once on a quarter keeper sweep by Lavelle Melton (12-0);  another on a beautiful pass to the back of the endzone (18-0); and on an interception that was return for a score by Trenell Austin (26-0).

The Cardinals got on the board with the famous A-10 offense with a 50 yard pass with 5:18 left in the game (26-7). Chicago scored once more with 1:!6 left in the game with a hard run up the middle (26-13).

One of the funniest things that occurred at the end of the game was Coach Lee Cole running from the his coach preparing to dose him with water. Coach Cole saw what was going on and took off down the field out-running everyone. He was quoted as saying "he's a Louisiana boy and you Chicago boys are little slower than us southern boy."


In the final game of the day (season) was a varsity match-up setup to be a classic. You had the hard-nose, disciplined South Holland Jets (6-2) facing the undefeated Colts (8-0).  The Colts have the second most offensive points in the league (first among varsity) and a stingy defense that only gave up 38 points (or 4.75 points per game). The Jets on the other hand, acquired 160 points offensive and their defense is in the conversation too as far as being stingy.

But as we all know, all of these statistics are cute but they don't mean anything... this is not the BCS... it's decided on the field.

On the field, the Colts got on the board first with a 21 yard run by  Alzantus Riley. The Colts kicked a successful extra point to take the early lead of 8-0. Kankakee would not surrender the lead in this contest. Both teams had a tough time holding on to the ball - the Colts turned the ball over twice (1 fumble and 1 interception), while the Jets turned the ball over 5 times. But out of the five turnovers, the Colts were only able to capitalize twice. The Colts scored quickly on a muffed punt in which they recovered on the Jets 9 yard line. They were able to run the ball in making the score 14-0. Later in the fourth quarter, the Colts intercepted a pass and a few plays later Dyrrah Christon carried the ball in on a 36 yard run (20-0).

This proved to be enough for the Colts to secure the varsity championship over the Jets.

On a side note and a veteran move, coach Duane Tucker, knocked over the cooler holding ice and water so no one could dose him in the celebratory liquids.


With the 2010 Will-Cook-Kankakee football season in the rear view mirror
, we would like to thank the entire organization for all of your support, and we are already looking forward to next year.

We would also like to thank the fine folks over at Brother Rice for all of the hospitality.






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