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by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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A couple days after hanging out in Indianapolis, Indiana for the Superbowl XLVI....

There are a few things I've learned...

◆ lots of information is collected and shared during this period of time. I've heard upwards of 2,000 pages of pre-game information alone.

◆ and this doesn't include the State of the NFL by commissioner Roger Goodell. His report was 10 pages long.

◆ I also found out that over 30,000 pictures are taken during the Superbowl game alone of which maybe 100 of those make it to editors desk.

◆ On Media Day... here are some highlights of the dumbess question asked...
-Logan Mankins, a guard for the Patriots, was asked Tuesday what the best part of being an offensive lineman is, he replied, "Blocking"?

-Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka, when asked Wednesday if getting to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was important, replied: "If you get to the quarterback enough, if you hit him hard enough, it's going to make him less effective"?

-and lastly, Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes began his career? Well, in high school, his physical-education teacher said the football team needed a kicker. As Tynes relates it, he said, " 'Lawrence, can you come out here and kick?’ I said, Certainly."


◆ It was reported that about 1,100 private planes were expected to arrive in Indianapolis, and they can't all cruise into the local airport or the place would look like a lunchroom during a food fight. So, according to the Wall Street Journal, private planes are being directed to places as far away as French Lick, a two-hour drive from Indianapolis. Yup, the hometown of Larry Bird... Hahahahaha!

◆ Due to budget constraints, we stayed in Lebanon, Indiana, at the Comfort Inn, about 25 miles north of Indy on Interstate 65. All hotels and motels in Indy have conspired to gouge Super Bowl attendees to the tune of $300 to $700 a night for regular rooms. So $109.99 a night including breakfast of eggs, bacon, orange juice, coffee and a stack of blueberry pancakes at nearby Flap-Jacks for $10.59 doesn't sound bad - does it?

◆ Now for the game... "THE SUPER BOWL"
-Outside of the opening minutes of the game, the Patriots coverage on Victor Cruz was more than impressive as he only ended with 25 yards on four receptions. Mario Manningham had “the catch.”

-Eli Manning is simply CLUTCH. He has won EVERY big game he's had to and looked eerily calm doing so. And yes, I know I'm setting myself up with this one, simply put, Eli Manning is one cool cat. "Cool as the other side of the pillow,'' Mario Manningham said Sunday night. Though I'm sick of the cliché, Manningham's right. He went further, asked if he was surprised Manning was able to drop a 38-yard pass into him so perfectly that, if it were 15 inches off in any direction, it probably would have been an incompletion. "Nope,'' he said. "I get used to the ball being thrown where only I can catch it.''
In one of the more WTH moments of the weekend, the Patriots cut Tiquan Underwood the day before the game guaranteeing the mysterious cloak around Bill Belichick became even darker.

And finally, Tiki Barber must be the loneliest man in the world right now.
And lastly but sure not least... many people called the game a 'filler for all of the commercials...'  Heck at $3.5 million per 30 seconds, the ads are about more than things you don't need; they make your imagine what life could be... and we celebrate them each and every year. This year was no different. Seventy percent of the U.S. economy is based on citizens purchasing things, right?

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Tom Coughlin post game
Check out this post-game interview with Super Bowl XLVI head coach, Tom Coughlin. Coughlin wins his second Superbowl in 4 years and matches his mentor, Bill Parcells. For the interview, click here.

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In closing, Indianapolis deserves another Super Bowl. Weather was mostly perfect, which helped in my statement, but the physical plan for a Super Bowl was perfect, whether you're inside or outside. Indianapolis can no longer be called it's nickname name of "naptown" - it's now BIG-time. And the NFL should consider them again.

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