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by Genya Harley 

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Hello All,
I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my messages and I look forward to hearing from you. I am happy to know that some you find my information useful and forward my info on to your family & friends. I will make myself available to speak at your church, family meetings or community organizations, please let me know.

When it comes to stress and stress management we all may have heard, "If you can't fight or flee, flow". I recently had to flee. Here my story.

As of this past Friday, I made the decision to "immediately" resign from Western & Southern Financial Group.

Why? The corporate leadership there decided to change the daily/weekly operations for financial consultants. More recently they implemented a company change whereas all financial consultant have to report into the office 3 days a week, 4 - 6 hours each of those days. Now some of you are saying, "So what's the big deal?" This presented a huge problem for me because I need work vs. life balance or plainly "Flexibility" because, not only am I a committed Financial Consultant, but I am a committed MOTHER.

I have to work hard and smart based on the work and commute schedules of me and my husband, and the ability to work those schedules around my daughter(5).

The changes the company recently implemented made my work extremely stressful and nearly impossible to be successful in what I do day to day, as well as, effectively serve my clients the way that I need to.

I am sharing this with you because some of you like me, in some way may have felt "forced" to make a decision on behalf of your family, your health or your financial situation and you either had to fight, flee or flow.

You fight through if you see that you can win. You flee if you know your opponent is not fighting fair or if the effort in fighting is a waste of time and the outcome will work in your favor and you flow if you can successfully overcome both the adversity and/or your opponent.

I encourage everyone, every week to assess your life and your finances. I encourage everyone to be assertive and proactive the best you can in maintaining success in your life and your finances. When either of these two things or both are challenged unexpectedly, I encourage you to use wisdom in protecting them.

I am excited to announce that as of Monday, June 27, I will continue my work as a financial consultant with Mutual of Omaha, and because this was a last minute, yet calculated decision, I may not have had an opportunity to talk to all of my clients one on one yet, please anticipate that I will be calling you.

I felt an oneness to tell you all that I made a change and why.

Again, I deeply appreciate all of your support and I welcome any questions or comments. Also, all of you will be invited to my financial health & wealth seminar coming this fall. Stay tuned.

Furthermore, if you have a business or information you would like to promote that is rooted in helping people with their health, please call me or email me.

I always end my message with "be safe, use wisdom" and I encourage everyone to always use wisdom for the benefit of yourself, your family and your finances.

Thanks for reading.

If you would like more information or if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please call me or email me at 773-251-1865 or

Genya Harley
Financial Consultant
Mutual of Omaha
19255 Everett Lane, Suite C
Mokena, IL 60448

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