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by Genya Harley 

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Afraid of Money

Hello Folks!
If you just read my subject line, you might be wondering and I you are, "What does she mean some of us are afraid of money?"
As much as we complain about being in a recession and as much as we have so many socio-economic reasons as to why we don't have money, many of us act like we are afraid of it.
I want you to stop for a moment and think about this:

1. Do you have any money saved up for now or for the future, ie, savings account, investments etc.? Do you think that if you set aside $50 - $100 in an account you might be able to access if you need it in an emergency or if you just want it back?

2. If you have children, have you set aside anything for them for their education or for them to have a life similar, if not, better than the one you are providing for them right now?

3. How we look is really important, we spend $50 - $100 every two weeks ( women sometimes) for our hair and nails. Men you spend money on what you like (go out to eat, get the car detailed, shopping etc.), have you done any cutting back in your spending is order to save for your retirement, have you really thought about how you want to live your life when you turn 65 or 70?


Any of you out there who have seen Spike Lee's movie School Daze know there is scene toward the middle to end of the movie when Laurence Fishburne says "WAKE UP!" This is what I am screaming and will continue to until many of many of my people start shifting their priorities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of us for various reasons were not raised with the education to grow generational wealth, more specifically, I mean put off buying those Nikes' or that purse or those shoes, in order to SAVE AND INVEST our money over the long term. Many of us don't really realize how damaging our attitudes are toward money really are. Some of us are afraid that if we set some money aside we might ever see it again, or the excuse I hear all the time is "My budget is just too tight".....but how many people go to McDonald's once a week. For the cost of a dinner for 4 at McDonald's, I can provide $100k in life insurance for your child....and show you how you can use it for their college education....I want some of you all to QUIT PLAYIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many of us don't want to talk about money, insurance or investment or savings or estate planning etc., why? because we assume we have it together, especially if we have a job or we don't (for many reasons) discuss it with our families because (it's none of their business or I don't think I have anything worth talking about or planning for).

I think some of you think that somebody will just pick up from where you left off and take up a collect to bury you, pay off your debt, take care your children (better than you) etc...etc. If you don't plan now, you really don't give a damn about your family or your children because you will leave them in debt!

So guess what? we continue to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scared to SAVE!

We are spending money on the wrong things, especially if you cannot set aside money (even a small amount) for life insurance, savings for your child's education or for someone to bury you and get rid of all of your DEBT!!!!!

I know a couple that has 5 children....YES, 5! They are a relatively young couple, both are working and neither one of them has LIFE INSURANCE!!!! The husband acts like he is afraid to talk about it!

Please understand that as a licensed professional, I can sit down with you, just as I did my friend Khalid...who is sending you this email...and I can show you how you can set up insurance in order to save long term for your child(rens) education, I can show you how to pay off your mortgage with insurance (I don't mean after you die), set aside money for your children to have a life even better than the one they have now, I can show you how you can have money set aside for your retirement even if you already have a 401k or a pension with your job!

Remember, even if you are working and your benefits include life insurance...check your policy with the company to see if you will be able to take that policy with you if you leave or get fired(laid-off) is so important to have a supplemental policy outside of work.

We are putting off our futures in order to live for today and my plea to you is that if you are guilty of this or know someone that is guilty of this, tell them today is the day we STOP LIVING FOR TODAY!!!!! There is a way to build some wealth if you just take the time to see, you can start with setting aside $20 - $50 a month ....CALL ME, I want to HELP!

I look forward to talking to you soon. Until then, be safe, use wisdom!


If you would like more information or if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please call me or email me at 773-251-1865 or, or

Genya Harley
Financial Consultant
Mutual of Omaha
19255 Everett Lane, Suite C
Mokena, IL 60448

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