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Nowadays, all you ever hear about is the negative students... so we decided to put a HUGE spotlight on students that will make you proud!

Dr. Ron Edmonds Scholarship
The following recipients received $1,500.
Jamille Jamison, Rich Central - GPA 4.4... ACT score 27
University of Wisconsin / Chemical Engineering
She hopes to make a difference in the food industry by creating the products and manufacturing technology for mind-stimulating meals and snacks.

Khadijah Shaaf, Rich East - GPA 3.9... ACT score 24
Grand Valley State University / Computer Science
Ms. Shaaf wants to create software programs to entertain and educated end-users.

Jac'quelene Greene, Rich South - GPA 3.9... ACT score 23
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville / Business Administration
Ms. Green plans to reach out to major companies to donate time and money for apprenticeship program for students.

The following recipients received $750 Book Award.
Danielle Massey, Rich Central - GPA 3.9... ACT score 24
University of Illinois at Champaign / Pre-med
Ms. Massey wants to be a pediatrician and make a difference by educating people to the advantages of quality medical care.

Tiarra Spraggs, Rich East - GPA 3.3... ACT score 20
Western Illinois University / Psychology
Ms. Spraggs wants to help people with special problems to adjust to everyday life and help everyone to cope with crises.

Brittany Ward, Rich Central - GPA 4.1... ACT score 22
Northern Illinois University / Education
Ms. Ward plans to become a counselor to be an agent of change with mentoring and guidance programs for students.

Alysa Green
, Rich Central... Class of 2008
Ms. Green is a communications major at Stanford University pursuing a career in broadcast journalism.

How did Rich Central prepare you for Stanford?
Many teachers pushed me to take AP classes to challenge myself, like Ms. Bernard, Mr. Tiffy and Ms. Rich. My counselor, Ms. Witt, helped me a lot; she's one of my favorite people. The honors and AP classes positioned me for the course load in college.

What activities were you involved with in high school?
I played varsity basketball all four years. I was also on varsity soccer, cross country, peer mediation and mathletes. I was secretary of Student Council my freshmen year, president of the Spanish Honor Society and member of National Honor Society.

What was your GPA/class rank when you graduated?
My GPA was 4.45 and I was honored to be the valedictorian.

What's next for you?
I'll be studying in Chile for the last quarter of this school year; there is a facility there with Stanford professors.

What is your inspiration?
My family - my parents really pushed me, quizzed me, checked my homework, made me edit and review my papers. But they made learning fun.

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