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by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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A day after National Signing day, it really appears that the old saying holds true... "the rich get richer" as several college football's power programs continue to land top recruiting classes.

Defending national champ Alabama put the finishing touches on what's considered the consensus top class. Running back T.J. Yeldon and safety Landon Collins are among the top players at their position. The rest of the class is sprinkled with high-rated performers on both sides of the ball.

Another school, now heading for the sport's premier conference, locked up one of the nation's best players. That star, wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham, USA TODAY's offensive player of the year, signed with Missouri, his home-state school, boosting the Tigers' class.

Other marquee schools such as Florida State, Texas, Ohio State, Florida and Michigan were not far behind Alabama. Top 100 Prospect Ranking - Football ~click here.

Other news from National Signing Day is NO ONE HAS RECEIVED A LETTER OF INTENT from Harvey-Clemons at the time of this writing.

Josh Harvey-Clemons, the number 1-rated linebacker in the country, according to ESPN, announced his decision to attend Georgia on the morning of signing day. By the evening, however, his letter of intent had not arrived in Athens.

Woodrow Clemons, his grandfather and legal guardian, was refusing to sign off on the decision. The Lowdnes (Valdosta, Ga.) remains firm on his pledge to the Bulldogs, but it could be a while before this one gets sorted out.


But with many athletes still in the midst of the recruiting process, we thought it would be a good time to put a list together. This list is from high school athletes and what they had to say to us on how it feels to have the recruiting process over with. Again, these are real quotes (anonymous)....

“Oh my God, it is a relief. It was getting a little hectic there for a while but now it is nice to have it behind me so I can relax. I know what I am going to do.”

“I think it helped out a lot. We could really focus on our season and that helped us make our season turn out really well. There were not any distractions to worry about.”

“It is a relief and has definitely been a load off of my shoulders. Not having to put together a highlight tape for the season has been nice.”

“It definitely feels good. I know (A teammate) was stressing a lot about it in the past couple of months. I haven’t really felt that since mid-August. It is definitely good. I can just enjoy my senior year and not really stress about Signing Day.”

“It has been great. I don’t have anything to worry about so I can just go out there and play.”

“It is definitely a big lift off of my shoulders. It takes a lot of pressure off. Now I can relax and be comfortable with my choice.”

“It feels pretty good and my phone is not ringing nearly as much. I have a lot more time to myself and my family. It is really a burden off my shoulders and mind. It was nice at first but it got hectic towards the end. All I’ve been able to do lately is recruiting and wrestling. Now that it is over, I can focus on the conference wrestling tournament and districts.”

“It is a huge relief. At times, it was pretty stressful but now that it is done it is good to know where you are going.”

“It feels good. It was nice at first but after a while it got old with coaches calling one or two times a week.”

“It feels good because of all the stress. It is nice not to have to take call after call every night when you are trying to do your homework and study for tests. It is hard to tell them you have to study. It was fun at a time but it was kind of a pain because of everything you have with school work. It was a good experience but I am glad it is done with.”

“It is a big relief. I guess now I can concentrate on wrestling and everything. It is nice to have made a decision.”

“It feels really good. I know my parents were always asking me what was going on. It felt like a weight is off my shoulders after you know what is going to happen.”

“It was really fun at the beginning but towards the end it is hard. It is a big relief and I am glad it is over right now.”

“Nice. It is good to get done with all of the calls. It got pretty annoying.”

“It was a lot of fun to do recruiting and I am blessed to have that chance but it is a big relief to have it over with.”

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