2012 national signing day

by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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- This is a date, first Wednesday in February that just about every high school senior that plays football circles, so they can finally and officially accept a college football *scholarship to an institution of their choice. Without a doubt, this should be one of the most celebrated events among all sports, regardless of amateur or professional status.

*remember is an annual scholarship not a four-year agreement

For various reasons, the scope of what will transpired yesterday is immense. First and foremost, it is an extension of education, an opportunity for young men to attain a useful four-year degree, grow socially, and eventually enter the workforce as contributing members of society. Truly, it is almost an out-of-reach task trying to surmise this experience in the framework of a blanket statement.

And yes, there are some young men who don’t view the scholarship through those lenses at this point in their lives. They see this day as an opportunity to not only extend their playing careers, but to amplify the atmosphere and stakes – from competing in front of thousands of fans to playing for national titles. Academics are a mere means to an end.

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Libraries and class rooms have been replaced with banquet halls, local restaurants and auditoriums to make these official announcements. As well, national media lights sometimes eclipse the hometown coverage, drowning all sense of intimacy with a sea of drama. Despite this ascension in mass appeal, we still find signing day uniquely rich.

And for every athlete that commits and become a household name in the seasons to come, there will be dozens more that escape the adoration – those that complete their collegiate careers in steady, sound fashion, in a productive but muted manner. So, student-athletes and signees, cherish this moment…

Whether it is the nation’s top rated running back deciding to stay home (in State) or an under the radar player representing a small city that doesn’t even show up on Google Earth, the signings are almost immediately legendary. No matter if Akron, USC, Central Michigan, Notre Dame, Florida or Boston College, is your destination of choice, the focus today will center square on the student-athlete’s shoulders. Today, you get your glory and the spotlight.

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Remember one thing moving forward... "it’s not about the cap you put on but the young man underneath it." The focus is not the cinema that surrounds the announcement but the hours of processing that you put forth to get to this moment. And it’s certainly not about the pen and letter-of-intent put in front of you, but the promise of what can be done with it.

On this day, the victors sit firmly at a table surrounded by family and friends, and are rewarded today by both their work in the classroom as well as on the field.

I just hope that institutions, and coaches, as well as the media, continue to give these same athletes the benefit of the doubt and the same level of praise as they move forward in the lives as they did on NATIONAL SIGNING DAY, February 1, 2012.

Be sure to visit the 2012 list of commitments from the Chicagoland area -click here.

For the full Top 100 signees, click here.

Here is your opportunity to stop hating the media and actually become it!

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