time to earn your stripes (answer key)....

by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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1. C. Three

2. C. Defender horse-collars a QB inside the pocket

3. D. 55 mph

4. A. Technical Foul

5. No, it's not a travel....

6. No, it's not a false start on the offense.

7. B. A hand pass between teammates in the offensive zone

8.D. All of the above

9. C. Right-hander fakes a pickoff to third (with a runner on third) then spins to try a pickoff at first

10. A. 1 point

11. True


12. B. the coach of the opposing team UNLESS OF COURSE, ITS AN ISSUE OF NAT'L SECURITY

13. True

14. NO To establish a front court position, a dribbling player must cross the midcourt line with both feet and the ball, commonly referred to as "all three parts"

15. False

16. Yes

17. B. At the Falcons' 40-yard line.

18. D.  False start on the offense

19.  D. 24
20.  D. Line Judge

BONUS: A. Back Judge and Field Judge

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0-5: What??? you don't believe in rules....
6-10: Bet you can spell Hochuli, too
11-15: Hit the books and you may wake it through official's school yet...
16-20: You wear a striped jersey to ball games don't you?

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