BCS is crap!!!

by Prez Ro 

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It has been an incredible NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournament including the Final Four. Who would have selected these teams to play for the championship? What were their odds going into the tournament?

VCU and Butler punched their tickets to Houston by taking down some of the highest so-called ranked teams in the country, and so did Texas A&M and Notre Dame on the Girls’ side (Indianapolis). Everyone hoped for a major battle between Ohio State and Duke, as well as UConn and Stanford, and both of them went down… The outstanding play of these so-called underdogs proved once again that a playoff system is the best way to determine a true champion. It is the most equitable method to determine who should take home the championship trophy. Now imagine if 12 old men sat in a room and used a computer to select who would have played in Houston or Indy? It would NOT have been any of these teams… maybe Notre Dame because they travel well!

You have to admit that this process is more of a mafia cartel than a balanced AMATEUR SPORTS event. In short, teams without the BIG name conference will never have a chance to get hot and make a run late in the season due to these BCS rules and limitations in football. You’d think Tony Soprano himself set this up in the back of the Bada Bing.

With the NFL in a lockout, semi-pro football, oops, I mean college football has a great opportunity to make some headway by increasing their fan base, and what better way to grab more fans and public interest as a whole then by creating a playoff system?

We all know this won’t happen without pressure from the alumni, fans and even Congress, but it would be epic. You would see some smaller programs get hot at the right time and run the table as did VCU, Butler, Notre Dame and Texas A&M.

Unfortunately, this is how it is in college football. The opportunity to win a national championship is only available to those who run in the same circles (BCS conferences). So, no matter how many victories you have, it goes to strength to schedule and who you have played… well, many teams have justified this point by saying it’s not worth me traveling to the lesser schools and play in front of their less than fan base, nor is it worth me to host them on my field of play – I might lose and I will lose my chances of a BCS title. Plus, schools make their schedule years’ in advance – how weird is that? Maybe it’s time for NCAA to make the top 10 teams play each other the following year during the open week on everyone’s schedule instead of playing down to smaller schools to pad their stats and pockets. Plus as Ohio State's president said "we do not play the little sisters of the poor."

The irony in the current process is that the NCAA basketball shares the same equitable method to determine a champion in Division II Football, Division III Football, women’s field hockey, squash, and every other NCAA sports, but won’t step in to fix one of their BIGGEST MONEY MAKERS - football? Pardon me for laughing…
So until alumni, fans and Congress get tired of watching unknown, less traditional bowl games in mid-December under ALL of the same rules and guidelines rather than experience all the excitement and fairness of a single elimination playoffs system as we do in March, take a deep breath and just live with it. Or do we live in an America that doesn’t believe BIGGER is always better and everyone should have a shot under ALL of the same rules and guidelines for the same championship?

Well, at the time of this writing, Tony Soprano simply says W-I-N-N-I-N-G!


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