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by Prez Ro, Matteson, IL

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How attractive is your job? Here is our rating of the current college football job openings (from best to worst):

A-List Jobs
Ohio State: Filled...

Penn State: Consider it open, because there’s no way they’re keeping Tom Bradley. This A-rating takes the optimistic view that the football program – and entire university – will be able to endure the horrific Jerry Sandusky scandal without lasting damage. Whoever Penn State hires must bring impeccable character credentials with him. But given the fan base and the recruiting base, Penn State shouldn’t fall off the map.


B-List Jobs
UCLA: Sits on great recruiting soil, but the school doesn’t care as much about football as crosstown rival USC and has fired its past three coaches.

Illinois: Perennial underachiever program that hasn’t had consecutive winning seasons since 1989-90. Think about that. It’s pathetic.

Arizona State: Better-than-average program over the long haul, but hasn’t had a standout coach since John Cooper won the Rose Bowl in 1987. Fickle fan base and aging stadium don’t help.

Mississippi: Plentiful local talent is a double-edged sword. It’s right there in the backyard, but also close enough for all the power programs in the SEC to poach. Racial heritage of the school remains a recruiting issue, according to outgoing coach Houston Nutt and others.

C-List Jobs
Kansas: In a power conference, but historically powerless. This is a basketball-first, basketball-second, basketball-third school that needs to recruit well in Texas and Kansas City to compete.

Memphis:  Should be able to compete in Conference USA, and the chances of that are much better now that the school has forced out empty-suit athletic director R.C. Johnson. This is a basketball school, too, but there is talent available in the area.

Florida Atlantic: South Florida is flush with football players. Unfortunately, most want nothing to do with FAU. But a few good second-tier guys could go a long way in the Sun Belt. Nice new on-campus stadium should help recruiting.

UAB: Board of Trustees oversees the entire University of Alabama system and has done UAB no favors over the years. Maybe now they’ll help the Blazers hire a competent coach. Next up, the school has to do something with dilapidated Legion Field – fix it up or move out.

Tulane: Similar situation to FAU – school is in a hotbed of talent that wants very little to do with the Green Wave. Add in high academic standards, and this is a brutal job.

Akron: Coach Rob Ianello was fired last week, reportedly by phone while driving to his mother’s funeral. You want to work for those guys?

So, which job are you going to apply for? 

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